India Film star te hlawh

Tunlai vai film hit em em, Baahubali 2 chuan April 28 a an release atang khan Rs 10 billion ($156 million) zet a lalutin record a rawn siam nual mai a. India film industry sum chevel hi a turu khawp mai. He film a a changtupa Prabhas pawh hian Rs vaibelchhe 25 zet a hlawh.

Prabhas hian Kum 2018 a chhuak tur Saaho chu a chang leh nghal dawn a. Baahubali 2 ah a chet that em vang hian Rs. vaibelchhe 30 hlawh a phut tawh niin sawi a ni.

Prabhas hian film lamah hma a sawn hle nachungin India top star te a la thlau hle a, india film star te hlawh hi a neplo hlawm hle. Film pakhata an inchhiar dan.↓
Salman Khan – 60 crores (Amah hian a produce fo avangin a sum lakluh a sang.).
Aamir Khan —– — 55-60 crores
Shah Rukh Khan- 40-45 crores
Hrithik Roshan – – 40-45 crores
Akshay Kumar — Rs 35-40 crore ( a release tam hrim hrim a, a hlawh hnem hman thin hle.)
Ajay Devgan – – — 25-35 crores
Ranbir Kapoor- — 20-25 crores
Amitabh Bhachan- 18-20 crores
Ranveer singh – – 15-20 crores
Shahid Kapoor— 15 crores
Saif Ali khan– – — 7-10 crores

Hmeichhe lam hlawh/inchhiar pawh hi neplo tak a ni.
Kangana Ranaut—- Rs 10-12 crores
Deepika Padukone- Rs 8-10 crores
Kareena Kapoor—- 7 crores
Priyanka Chopra – — 6 -7 crore
Anushka Sharma – –5 crores


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