Sainik school luh man a sang

Sainik School, Chhingchhip admission tihfel thawkhat a ni tawh a, admission tih ruala pawisa pek ngai pawh a sang thawkhat hle.
Hetiang hi prospectus-a an tarlan, admission tih ruala pawisapek ngai zat a ni a, fee hi Board of Governors in hunbi neiin a ngaihtuah thin ang:

(a) School/Tuition Fee : Rs. 52,493/- p.a

(b) Diet Fee : Rs. 29,100/- p.a (@Rs. 97 per day for300 days)

(c) Caution Money : Rs. 3,000/-Rs. 1,500/- (for SC/ST )Refundable

(d) Clothing Money : Rs. 7,500/-

(e) Utensil Charges : Rs. 1,500/-

(f) Incidental Money : Rs. 16,000/- p.a (including pocket money Rs. 2500/-)

(g) Electricity & Gen charges : Rs. 2,300/- p.a

(h) Washing charges : Rs. 2,300/- p.a

(i) Postage Charges : Rs. 100/- p.a

(j) Insurance Premium : Rs. 300/- (Valid for 5 years only)

(k) Entertainment charges : Rs. 200/- p.a.

(l) SMS Charges : Rs. 150/- p.a.

TOTAL – Rs. 1,13,443/- (FOR ST)

Sainik School, Imphal-ah hian a vaiin Rs. 1,00,283 pek a ngai a, Sainik School, Chhingchhip nen a inthlauhna hi Rs. 13,160/- a ni.


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