President Barack Obama hun laia kum 35 zet tang tura hrem, Private Chelsea Manning (26) chu kum 7 a tan hnuah a tanna jail atangin chhuah zalen a ni.

He pa (ti ila-gay a nih vangin) he Manning roh hi kum 2009 khan Baghdad, Iraq ah US military intelligence analyst hna thawkin a awm a, chung intelligence information- CIA thuruk pawimawhte chu ru chhuakin WikiLeaks ho hnenah a lo pe a, man a tantir a lo ni ta a ni.

Chelsea Manning hian ISIS hote chu bomb leh silaimu ringawta hneh theih a rin loh thute sawiin, a thuruk vawn him zawh loh vangin jail bang zut tir a ni. CIA’s Vaults tih files 7 zet a tichingpen a, heng thuruk te hi Iraq leh Afghanistan rama US military chet vel dante leh ral beih dante a ni nual.

Chelsea Manning ber chhuah zalen a nih takah chuan NAtional Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leh WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange te tan pawh “zalenna” a beiseiawm phah a rinawm ta.

Author : Ct Lalrinawma

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