Indian-American te an hausa

America ram mipuite zingah India mi nihna lo nei tawh, tuna US-a awm nghet ta te chu a khawsa thei leh dinhmun ziaawm ber ber nia ngaih an ni a, hnamhlawm khatah chuan lehkha pawh an thiam ber ni hiala sawi a ni. Tam lamah pawh Asia ram atanga pem lutte hian Latino ho an khum tawh a, an thang chak ber bawk nia sawi a ni.

Pew Research Centre report, nimina tihchhuaha a lan danin, America ramah hian India mi mtd. 3 chuang an awm a, pem lutte zinga a tam ber chu China atanga lut, mi mtd 4 vel leh Philippines atanga lut, mi mtd. 3 leh nuai 4 an ni.

India ram atanga pem lut, mi naran hian kum khatah dollar 88,000 an la lut phak a, Asia ram dang atanga lutte chuan dollar 66,000 vel an la lut deuh ber a, US mi nawlpui phei chuan dollar 49,800 vel an la lut tlangpui a ni.


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