Arsene Wenger chuan Arsenal manager a nih zui dawn leh dawnloh sawi lo mahse season thar atan player quality tha pakhat emaw pahnih emaw bak an mamawh belh lo nia a hriat thu a sawi.

Wenger chuan tun season harsatna an tawh chu bang tura nawrna boruak vel vang ni a hriat thu a sawi a, chutih laiin player ten heng buaina, harsatna hrang hrang hmachhawn chungin huaisen takin an paltlang thei chu fakawm a tih thu a sawi. Thil tamtak an zir chhuak a, hei hian an la puih chhunzawm ngei ang tiin a sawi zui.

Wenger chuan season thar atan tuna ka player 90% te hi chelh thei ila.. player thar kan mamawh hnemlo, pakhat emaw pahnih emaw bak kan mamawh lo, top quality player erawh ni thei se a ti.

Author : Mafela Ralte   &nbsp


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