Zanin (tukin) Champions League final inkhelah Cristiano Ronaldo chuan Juventus lakah minute 20-na leh 64-na ah goal a khung a, hei hi Champions League bika a goal 105-na niin a career ah a goal 600-na chiah a ni.

Cristiano Ronaldo hian goal 600- khung tur hian Sporting tan goal 5, Manchester United tan goal 118, Real Madrid tan goal 406- leh Portugal tan goal 71- a khung a ni.

Zanin (tukin) inkhel nen Ronaldo hian 2013- atangin Champions League ah a zawnin kum 5- chhung goal khung hnem ber nihna a chelh ta a, record thar a ni nghal bawk.
Champions League ah hrim² top scorer tum ruk a ni tawh a, ani aia player ni tam hi an la awm lo bawk.

Ronaldo aia UCL final a goal khung tam la awm lo in goal 4- a khung tawh a, final vawithuma goal khung vek thei player awmchhun a ni bawk.

Ronaldo hian tun season ah UCL goal 12- neiin midang thun tur tum 5- a siamsak bawk a, ani aia goal thunna tura inrawlh tam player an awm lo.

Author : Francis Da Gunner    

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