2010-11 leh 2015-16 inkar khan, Mizoram SSA Mission chuan Right to Education (RTE) Act-in a phal loh angin zirtirtu atana lak eng emaw zat chu an chhawr.

RTE Act chuan, zirtirtu atana lakte chu chhiarpui, inthlan leh chhiatrupna a thlena chhawmdawl hna thawh bak zirna kaihhnawih loah chuan chhawr a khap. Chutih laiin, School Education department-in SSA Mission hnuaia primary school leh upper primary school (middle school) zirtirtu atana an lak eng emaw zat chu zirna kaihhnawih ni loah anchhawr a ni.

Zirtirtu atana lakte hi coordi­nator, project assistant, data entry operator, additional state project director, deputy district project director, block/cluster resource coordinator, project assistant leh thil dangahte chhawr an ni.

Kum 2010-11 leh 2015-16 chhung vek hian RTE Act-in a phût, pawmpuina la loin primay school leh upper primary school eng emaw zat chu kalpui a ni.

Phalna nei loa sikul kalpui a nih dan chu, kum 2010-11 ah sikul 54, kum 2011-12 ah sikul 47, kum 2012-13 ah sikul 55,kum 2013-14 ah sikul 60, kum 2014-15 ah sikul 58 leh kum 2015-16 ah sikul 101 a ni.

Source-Vanglaini 5/06/17


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