Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini chuan niminah senior official hote hmaah, “US chu Middle East biala buaina siamtu niin, ISIS hote dintu leh thlawptu a ni a, “dawthei” tak a ni. ISIS leh firfiakte do angin a insawi hi dawt vek a ni. America ram chu terrorist ram leh thlawptu an ni e”, a ti. Tunlai US leh Iran ram dinhmun hi a tha lo zual hle.

Sunday khan Dy Chief of Iranian Armed Force Maj. Gen. Mostafa Izadi chuan, “US leh ISIS inzawmna hi fiahna kan nei a ni” a ti ve bawk.

Ali Larijani, Speaker of Parliament pawhin, US chu ISIS vulhliantu leh kum 2015 atanga US-in ISIS kal tlanga Middle East biala a inrawlhna kan hria a ni, a ti bawk.

Javed Zarif, Iran Foreign Minister chuan Oslo ah Norway Foreign Minister Borge Brende-a hmuhnaah, “US chuan ram 5 ten lungrual taka UN hriat puia Iran nuckear deal a lo siam tawh chu, thiah emaw, tihbuai a tum a ni” tiin a sawi.

Tehran khawpuia Iran Parliament leh Ayatollah Arullah Khomeini, Iran revolutionary leader phumna thlan terrorist hoten an beihnaah mi 17 thiin, thi te vuina inkhawmah “Down with Saudi Arabia”, “Down with America” (Saudi leh US ram tluchhe rawh se!) tiin, mipui an au nasa hle.

Author : Ct Lalrinawma    


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