Spanish prosecutor ten Real Madrid footballer Crsitiano Ronaldo an puhna, 2011-2014 a chhiah a chawi tur €14.7 million a awl ru ni a an sawi chu Ronaldo chuan a management company kaltlangin a chhanglet ve leh ta.

“Tax awlruk engmah a awm lo a, football player hian chhiah awl a tum lo bawk tih hi a chiang a ni”, tiin Ronaldo’s Gestifute management company chuan thuchhuah a siam.

Chhiah lama thuneitute lakah emaw, Spain ram lakah hian Ronaldo hian a sum lakluh engmah zep a nei ngai lo a sawi a ni a, engmah thup tur a neih miau loh avangin a hma paw’n chhiah awlruk chungchangah hian Ronaldo hian rilru manganna leh hlauhna a nei ngai lo tih a lo sawi tawh bawk.

Nikum December thla khan documents putru ah Ronaldo hian chhiah a awl ru ni a sawi a lo ni tawh a, chhui a nih lai velin Radio Television Portuguesa journalist in zawhna a zawhah Ronaldo hian “Thil thup ngai/tur nei lo chuan hlauhtur a nei lo (Quien no debe no teme)”, tiin alo chhang tawh bawk a ni.

Author : Francis Da Gunner    


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