B,Sairengpuii’n phuba a la ta em ni.

B.Sairengpuii chungchangah tlaikhawhnuah court a inrawlh.

Chief minister power vang a ni em?

Persons with Disabilities (PwD) Commissioner Pi B. Sairengpuii rawih nawn duh lohna lantir nana kum 2016 January thlaa MSU leh a thawhpui Aizawl City College Joint Students’ Union (ACCJSU) hmalakna avanga Mizoram sawrkarin Pi B. Sairengpuii a nihna ațanga a chawlh/bantir ațanga kum khat a ral hnuah, sawrkar leh MSU lam te țha takin an inrem emaw tih laiin vawiin June ni 19, 2017 khan MSU leh ACCJSU-a hruaitu hlui leh hruaitu la ni mek mi 12-te chu court-in August ni 2, 2017-a inlan turin a ko.

MSU hruaitu hlui leh ACCJSU hruaitu hluite charge-na leh hrem theihna dan an tarlante chu:
1.143 IPC-Punishment:unlawful assembly… imprisonment for six months.

2. 145 IPC-Joining unlawfull assembly armed with deadly weapon-imprisonment for 2 years.

3.147 IPC-Punishment for rioting- imprisonment for 2 years.

4.152 IPC- Assaulting or obstructing public servant when suppressing riot… imprisonment for a term which may be extend to 3 years.

5. 353 IPC-Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty- imprisonment for 2 years.

6.427 IPC- Mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees… imprisonment which may be extend to 2 years.

MSU hruaitu hluite:
1. PC Lalrinhlua, Ex-President
2. R. Lallawmsanga, Ex- Vice President
3. Lalremruata Chhangte, Ex-General Secretary
4. Lalengzuala Pautu, Ex-Asst. General Secretary

MSU hruaitu la ni mek te:
1. Benjamin Lalnghaka Fanai, Vice President
2. T. Nengkhansut, Treasurer

ACCJSU hruaitu hluite :
1. B. Lalruatpuia, Ex-President
2. Samuel Laltlansangzuala, Ex-Vice President
3. Malsawmsanga, Ex General Secretary
4. Albert Vanlalchhanzuala, Ex-Asst. General Secretary
5. MS Dawngzeli, Ex-Treasurer
6. J. Lalawmpuia, Ex-Fin. Secretary

Author : Slchhunga Gooner    


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