Zu card arukin an siam .
Kohhran upa hmingin zu card an siam.

Thu dawn danin Pangzawl khua tlangval pakhat in Zu card Lunglei a siam a tum chu, a hminga siam a lo ni tawh thu an hrilh a, chu mi kal zel an chhuina ah Pangzawl khua mi 50 vel hmingin Zu card hi siam ani tih hmuhchhuah ani.

Heng pangzawl khaw hming hawh a Zu leina card siamtu te hian Baptist kohhran upa leh VCP hming te pawn an siam a, Heng hming a siam ho chu in hmu khawmin FIR theh luh a ni. Mahse anmahni hi Pangzawl ah lo kalin ngaihdam an dil hnu ah, Social media, news paper leh local news a ngaihdamna siam tur in an inrem.

Mahse vawin June 23 (Ni 2 a ralhnu) thleng hian ngaihdam dilna siam a la ni lo a, chu bakah a siamtu te hi excise a thawk leh sawrkar hnathawk ni a hriat a ni a, Police lam nen pawh an in link vek tih a chiang hle a ni.

He tiang anga mi hming hawh a Zu card siamtu te hian khaw hrang hrang hming pawn an siam nual ang tih a rin theih a, sum dawn nan a hmang an ni tih a hriat hle.

Home Minister hian he thil hi lo hre hram sela, Police ah chuan an in hrethiam zel si a, Tin khaw hrang hrang hruaitute pawn in khaw hming a Zu card siam an awm leh awm loh lo en ve vek teh u.

Author : Makima Fanai    


About Mizo Archive

I'm the one who collect the best writings of Mizos
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