Dak In atangin ATM Card pe dawn

Postal Deptt chuan Postal Savings Account neite hnenah tun thla chhungin ATM Card pek chhuah vek an tum.

Mizoram Postal Region hnuaia thawktute’n nimina mipui rawngbawl kawnga hmasawn dan tur Aizawla an zirhona-ah Posmaster General Pu T Mangminthang chuan he thu hi a sawi a. Mizoram bikah kum kalta chhung khan Post Office-a mipui sum khawl atangin hlawkna cheng vbc 3 leh nuai 80 vel an hmu tih a sawi a, Post Office-a savings account neite tan tunlai hmasawnna thar Core Banking leh a kaihhnawih thil dangte chhawp chhuah sak zel an tum thu a sawi bawk.

Mizoram Postal Region ah hian Head Post Office pakhat, MDG-1, Sub Office 37 leh Branch Office 350 a awm mek a ni.


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