Cement & Iron road Dealers Association chuan thuchhuah siamin, MSU leh Cement company te inkarah inremna a awm theih loh avanga mipuiten harsatna an tawk hi pawi Kan ti hle a.

Ni 22 June a MSU Press release a rate chungchang an ziah hi chu keini Dealer ten Commission and Forwarding Agent (C&F) hnuaia Kan lakna nen chuan a rate hi a inmil lovin a in san hleih hle a, Mizoram taxation Dept. ah leh Dealer hrang hrang te hnenah Tax invoice hi en theih in a awm reng a ni.

Tin, MSU thuchhuah anga ‘Taj Cement’ bag khat cheng 360 a mipui hnena hralhchhuah theih tura a ti hi thu belhchian dawl lo a ni a, MSU in company dang zawng zawng a dan hnu a ‘Taj Cement’ rawn lut hi cheng 400chung lam a zawrh vek a ni,an ti.

Cement zuartute hian Cement hi mipuite hnenah a tlawm thei ang ber a hralh hi kan duh ber a ni a,chutih rual chuan Mizoram in kan Cement mamawh ang hi company khat chauh chuan min phuhruk zo lo a ni.

He thilah hian sorkar hian Cement zuar a ei zawng te leh Cement mamawhtu te harsatna hi a rang thei ang bera hma min laksak turin Cement & Iron road Dealers Association chuan Kan ngen a ni an ti bawk.


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