Malabar exercise an tan ta

Ram 3 – India, US leh Japan navy-ten tuipuia indo nunchanan zirhona prog chu nimin khan Chennai Port-a Indian navylawng lian, INS Jalashwa-ah tan a ni a, Malabar Exercise tia vuah, he nunchan zirhona hian tun thla ni 17 thleng a awh ang.

India Eastern Naval Command-a Flag Officer Commandingin Chief, Vice Admiral HCS Bhisht-a’n thuthar lakhawmtute a hrilh danin, nmin atanga ni li chhung chu vaukam lam nunchan zir a ni ang a, tun tumah hian indo thlawhna phur thei Indian navy lawng lian, INS Vikramaditya pawh a vawi khatna atan tel tir a ni ang.

Ram 3 navy-te indo nunchan zirhonaah hian khawvela indothlawhna phur thei indo lawng lian ber, USS Nimitz telin indo lawng 16 an tel dawn a, indo thlawhna 90 chuang leh tuihnuai lawng 2 an tel bawk dawn a ni.


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