Ramri chungchang sawiho

Mizoram Legislative Assembly Subject Committee-I member-te’n july 9 khan New Delhi-ah Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju hmu-in Mizoram, Bangladesh leh Myanmar ramri chungchanga harsatna awm tawh te leh la awm thei leh thil dangte sawipuiin memorandum an theh lut.

Pu Kiren Rijiju hian Subject Committee-I member-te hi lawm taka lo dawngin an thil thlente lo enzuipui a tiam a. Border Management High official-te chu siksawi mek an ni chungin thil tihdan tur a hrilh nghal a, Committee-in an hmuh zui dan tur rem a ruatpui nghal a ni.

Union Minister hmutute hi Subject Committee-I Chairman Pu P.C. Zoram Sangliana, member MLA panga – Pu Nihar Kanti Chakma, Pu Vanlalzawma, Pu T. Sangkunga, Pu John Siamkunga leh Pu Lalruatkima te an ni.


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