LPS local operator te inhmukhawm

Aizawl khawpui chhunga LPS hnuaia Local Cable Operator (LCO) te chu nimin 1 august chawhnu dar 2 khan LPS Auditoriumah an inhmukhawm a, August thla atanga fee khawn dan tur leh TV Channel thlan chungchang an sawi ho.

LPS LCO meetingah hian August thla atanga TV channel hrang hrang a hlawm Bouquet (Buke) a channel dah dan tur te sawiho a ni a. August thla fee khawn rualin Customer Activation Form semchhuah nghal a ni dawn a. He Cusmoter Activation Formah hian customner ten TV channel then hrang hrang Bouquet (Buke) an thlanna tur pawh tarlan a ni dawn a ni.

TV Channel then hrang Bouquet hi pathumah siam niin a man tlawmber Bouquet 1-ah Free to Air Channel 100 leh LPS (1) a awm dawn a, Thlakhat-ah GST 18% plus Rs 150/-a ni ang.

Bouquet 2 ah Free to Air channel 100 leh SD Pay channel zawng zawng bakah LPS channel zawng zawng dah a ni dawn a, thlakhatah GST 17% plus Rs.350/- a ni ang.

A man to ber tur Bouquet 3-ah hian Bouquet 2-a awm zawng zawng bakah HD channel te a awm dawn a, thlakhatah GST 18% plus Rs 400 a ni ang.

He meetingah hian LPS hnuaiah LCO khawpui chhunga awm te an tel kim hle.


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