Union Minister hlui M Venkaiah Naidu chu India Vice President thar atan thlan a ni.

Union Minister hlui M Venkaiah Naidu chu India Vice President thar a ni dawn ta a. Mohammad Hamid Ansari a thlak dawn a ni.

Nimina Vice President inthlannaah M Venkaiah Naidu hian a khiangpui Gopal Krishna Gandhi chu vote 272-in a hneh a. India Vice President 13-na thlannah hian vote thlak thei zinga za-a 98.21-in vote an thlak a ni.

Vice President thlanaah hian NDA candidate M Venkaiah Naidu leh Eptu candidate Gopal Krishna Gandhi-te an inkhing a. New Delhi-a thuthar thehdarhtute hnenah Returning Officer Shemsher K Sharif chuan Naidu-a hian vote 516 a hmuh thu leh a khingpui Gopal Krishna Gandhi chuan vote 244 a hmuh thu a sawi a ni.

Venkaiah Naidu.

Inthlannah hian vote 785 zinga vote 771 a tla a. MP 14-ten vote an thlak lo a ni.Vice President atana thlan thar tak M Venkaiah Naidu hi August ni 11, zirtawp ni khian rinawmna thu tiamtira lakluh a ni ang. Naidu-a hi tun sawrkar kal meka Housing and Urban Affairs and Information and Broadcasting Minister a ni.

M Venkaiah Naidu hi July ni 1, 1949 khan Andhra Pradesh Nellore district-a thingtlang khaw pakhat Chavatapalem-ah a lo piang a. College a kal lai atanga mipui vantlangte hamthatna lam ngaihven mi a ni a, loneimite leh mi hnuaihnungte ngaihven zual mi a ni. Hetiang mi a nih avang hian thlalai tak a la nih lai atangin vantlang thil leh politics-ahte a lo inrawlh chho tawh a ni.


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