North Korea-in US kah nana Ballistic Missile a siam thinna hmanrua chu a rukin Russia lo rawl ruk ngei ni tain a lang. Ukraine Space Agency chuan, North Korea missile siamna hmanrua chu Ukraine rama siam, Russia rama thawnluh a ni, tiin “Russia hnenah chauh pek luh a ni” an ti.

Soviet Union kehchhiat hma kum 1990’s hma lam zawngin Ukraine chu Russia ralthuam chherna pakhat a ni thin. Ukraine rama ralthuam chherte chu North Korea chuan lo siam danglam hlekin, missile ah a lo chhuah a, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) ah hial a lo chher puitling ta a ni. Heng hmanrua te hi Rocket engine atana siam niin, North Korea chuan a lo tidanglam (refurbished rocket engine) chu Soviet Union keh chhiat hnuah a lei te an ni.

North Korea missile siamna atana hmanrua chu Ukraine rama thilsiamna (plant) pakhat, Yzhmash ah siam niin, kum 2001 thlengin Ukraine hian a siam chhuak a, chungte chu RD-250 engine a hman tur chi Cyclone-2 leh Cyclone-3 tih niin, Space rocket atan siam, Russia kut chauhva pek luh a ni.

Yuriy Radchenko, Ukraine Space Agency hotu chuan journalist hote hnenah, “Heng engines te hi Ukraine chuan kan siam ngei a, space carrier rockets atana tih niin, 233 lai siam a ni a, a vaiin Russia kutah hlan vek a ni. Russia chuan heng te hi tunah 7-20 vel chauh a nei tawh a, a duh chuan a copy-blue prints a siamin, engines pawh a siam thei a ni. Documents an nei vek bawk a; Rocket or Missile chu a siam thei a ni”, a ti. Mahse, Russia chuan hetianga puhna hi pha in, Ukraine Specialist hoten North Korea chu an tanpui a ni ang, a ti ve tlat.

July 7& 28 a North Korea-in Hwasong-12 missile a test kha,a hmanrua an zirchian hnuah Ukraine-Russia siam khawl tih an hre ta a ni. Russia siam OKB-456 Rocket Engine ang leh RD-250 nena thuhmun tih hriat chhuah a ni. Soviet era ah khan RD-250 hi Yuzhmash Plant ah chher chhuah niin, chu hmun chu Dnipro khawpui, Eastern Ukraine a awm a nia, Russia puih hel awmna Donetsk atanga mel 80 chauhva hla a ni.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Dy PM chuan, “North Korea chuan Ukraine ho hnen atangin engines leh blueprints an chaw lut zawk a ni ang” tiin, Ukraine a puh ve thung.

Ukraine hi US thian tha, EU member nih tum reng a ni a, North Korea hi a rawlruk chu a rinawm chiah loh. A kaikuang chu Russia ni berin a lang e.

Author : CT Lalrinawma


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