Maharashtra ah loneitute intihlum nasa

Maharastra sawrkarin a sawidanin tunhnai ni 8 chhungin Marathwada bial chhungah loneitu mi 34 an intihhlum tawh. Helai bial hian tun thlengin a mamawh khawp ruahtuia la dawng lo a. Aurangabad Divisional Commissioner-ina chhut danin tunhnai ni 8 chhungin Marathwada chhunga district 8-a loneitu 34 an intihlum tawh a, an intihhlum chhan tak erawh tihchian a la ni lo thung.

Marathwada-ah hian kumin January ni 1 atanga August ni 15 inkar khan leneitu 580 an intihlum tawh a, Beed district-ah tam berin 107 an intihlum tawh a ni.

Thudawn danin ruahtui tlak that loh vangin thlai chinah harsatna an tawk chho mek bawk a ni.

Marathwada-a loneitute hi kar hnih chhung khaw kheng avang hian an thlaite chan mai thei dinhmunah an ding mek a. Agriculture Department sawi danin Maharastra ram chhunga tehsil 355 zinga 223 chuan August ni 15 thleng khan ruahtui an dawn ţhin zaa 75 pawh an la dawng tling lo a ni.


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