INDIA SIPAI-TITI KHAWCHANG by Fredy Lalrinmawia Renthlei

Indian Army kan sawi hian khawmual sipai te kan sawina a ni a. Indian Army hi stading army a ni a, khawvela lian ber dawttu a ni a; 1,129,900 active troops leh 960,000 reserve troops a nei a ni.?

1 April, 1895 a din tan anga ngaih a ni.
Tunah hian Indian Army hian Infantry Modernization Programme , Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System ( F-INSAS ) tih chu a kal pui mek bawk a ni.

Hetiang hi an inrel bawl dan chu a ni-

India sipai hi operational command paruk leh training command pakhatah an inthen a, chu chu Lt General senior ten an kaihhruai thin a. Command tin chuan GOC-IC (general officer Commanding in chief ) a nei theuh a ni.

Command tin hian Corp pahnih emaw, a aia tam emaw a nei theuh a, a pumpuiah Indian Army hian corp 13 a nei a,  Corp tin chu Lt General in an kaihruai leh theuh a ni. Corp tin hian Division 3-4 a nei theuh a, chung chu Major general ten an kaihhruai leh a ni.
Division pakhat hian Brigade 3-4 an nei leh theuh a. Tunah hian Indian army hian Division 37 an nei mek. Brigade khat hnuaiah hian Indo mi sipai 3000 leh a puitu chi hrang hrang an awm a. Brigade khat hian infantry battalion 3 vel a nei thin.

Brigae hi Brigadier in a command a. Battalion hian rifle company pali a nei a, Battalion hi Colonel-in a kaihhruai leh a. company hi Lt Colonel emaw, Major in emaw an kaihhruai a. Company pakhat hian Platoon pathum an nei leh a Platoon hi JCO-in an kaihhruai a, Platoon khat hian section 3 a nei leh a. Section khatah hian Mi 10 vel zel an awm a, chu chu Havildar-in an command ve thung a ni.

Heng kan sawi takah hian supporting Regiment neuh neuh, Damdawi lam te, signa lam te, Engineer lam te a la awm a. Chung chu chip chiarin sawi lo mai ila.
North East India hi Eastern Command hnuaiah kan awm a, a hmunui chu Kolkata a ni.


(Commissioned Officers)

Field Marshal
Lieutenant General
Major General
Lieutenant Colonel

(Junior Commissioned Officers)

Subedar Major
Naib Subedar

(Non Commissioned Officers)

Regimental Havildar Major
Regimental Quarter Master Havildar
Company Havildar Major

(Jawan/ Sepoy)

Company Quarter Master Havildar
Lance Naik

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