Sorkar hnathawk ten Mass casual leave la dawn

7th pay chungchanga vawiina Mizoram sorkar hnathawk in zawmkhawm ( FMGE&W) Executive Committee thuchhuak :

Dt 28.11.2017- a FMGE&W Executive Committee thukhawm chuan Mizoram sorkar hnuaia thawk te’n 7th RoP anga hlawhan lak ve ngei theihna atana hma an lak tawh dan te an thlirho a, Dec 2017 ral hma ngeia hman tir ve tura sorkar an ngenna ah te hmalakna lawmawm lam emaw hriat tur a awmloh avangin a hnuai ami ang hian hreh tak chungin hmalak mai ni se tiin an rel:

  1. FMGE&W hnuaia in affiliate Association member zawng zawng ten Dt 6-8/12/2017 chhungin Mass Casual Leave lak vek tur a ni.
  2. Mass Casual Leave lak chhunga duty tur te chu OB te’n an ruat ang.

  3. He Mass Casual Leave lak hian awmzia a la nei lo fo a nih chuan Dt 15.12.2017- ah General Council Meeting koh a ni ang a. Meetingin kal zel dan tur an rel ang.

Issued by FMGE&W

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