1. I SIM hmanlai ațang khan 1900 ah PORT MOBILE NUMBER hi SMS thawn rawh.

Eg. PORT 9856549217

  1. UNIQUE PORTING CODE (UPC) SMS in i dawng anga, a hman theih hun chhung tur nen a rawn thleng ang. Kha kha chhinchhiah ang che.
  2. I inleh duhna company office ah kal la, (Airtel ațanga Vodafone a i inleh duh chuan Vodafone office ah i kal dawn tihna a nih chu) Porting Form leh Customer Acquisition Form i fillup dawn nia.

  3. I passport size photo leh Proof of Identity (Voter’s ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Driving license) Xerox copy i keng tel ang a, pawisa tlem chawi a ngai ang.

  4. I SIM Card thar tur an pe che ang a, i SIM vuah laia service/signal a bo veleh (kar 1 vel nghah ve a ngai țhin) i SIM thar kha i vuah dawn nia. Darkar 2 hnu velah a rawn nung ang.

Tikhan, i phone number ngai chiah hmangin company dangah i insawn daih mai ang.

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