Tangrual Pawlin sum hmatheh remti lo

Tangrual Pawl, Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) chuan, kumin kum tawpa Assembly inthlan neih hunah an candidate-te chu vote zawn nana sum hmatheh a remtih loh tur thu a puang.

Ningani khan ZPM Finance Committee chuan inthlan hmachhawn tak tak huna sum chelek uar lutuk lo tura inzirtir inkhawm ‘ZPM Conclave’ Chaltlang Tourist Losge-ah a buatsaih a, Ṭangrual Pawl hruaitu leh worker ṭhahnem tak an tel.

Inkhawm kaihruaitu ZPM treasurer Pu F Rodingliana chuan, inthlan hunah Ṭangrual Pawl chuan senso tur sum neite chauha vawrh chhuak dawn lo tih a sawi a, ram vei, mi rintlakte candidate atan a vawrh chhuah dawn avangin, Ṭangrual Pawl candidate-te laka sum lo beisei lo a, a ṭul ang anga lo tanpui zawk turin mipuite a ngen a, mipui sorkar a din theih nan, mipuiten thawhlawm an thawhna tur open account MRB Treasury Square Branch-ah Mipui Buhzem tih hming vuahin hawn a nih thu a sawi.

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