Mizo Tboard v6.0_Universal Dowmload rawh

ℳizo Ṭℬoard chu phone hrang hrangah a crash nasat avangin update a ni a. A landan thlak hret a ni bawk.
◍ Comma leh Full Stop key ah “ leh ” dah a ni.
◍ Full stop pop up blank tlat siamṭhat a ni.
◍ Phone ṭhenkhata lang kimlo siamṭhat a ni.
◍ Space bar 1% a tihlen a ni.

Mizo Tboard (Mizo Ṭboard) DOWNLOAD rawh le.

Mizo Ṭboard hmangtu ten in phone ah a dik lo a nih chuan in phone model sawiin lo comnent ula ka lawm ngawt ang.

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I'm the one who collect the best writings of Mizos
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1 Response to Mizo Tboard v6.0_Universal Dowmload rawh

  1. tpangente says:

    V6.0 hi ka phone redmi note 3 ah ka hmang thei lo, a inhawng thei lo va, crash report a lo lang zel


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