US chuan Nov 4 hma, mid-term election hma ngeiin Iran atanga oil & natural gas lei thinten an leina an tihtawp loh chuan hremna (sanction) lek chhoh a tum a, ram hrang hrang hriattirna a pek chu China chuan pawisa lovin, Iran atan oil lei zel a tum a, mahse, tuna a lei thin ang bak erawh leih belh a tum lo, tih US a hrilh.
China economy thang nasa vangin oil & gas an mamawhna nasa takin a thang chhova, oil lamah nipui laia tuihal huam thin ang maiin, oil & gas an mamawh a a sangchho hle tawh a ni.
US chuan kumin May thla atangin Iran nuclear deal, Obama Admin lo siam pui chu Trump Admin ten an chhuahsan daih a ni.
Iran oil thawn chhuah zinga 35% chu China lei a ni a, India pawhin 30% zet a lei a ni. Mahse, India hi chuan Iran oil hi November 4 hnu lam chuan a lei zel loh rin a ni<Mizoram-India ah oil & gas lei tur a van phah mai thei, mai lo thei bawk.

Author : CT Lalrinawma

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I'm the one who collect the best writings of Mizos
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