Nimin Sunday a Indonesia ram Bali leh Lombok thliarkara lirnghing vangin mi 82 an thi tawh a; chhanchhuah hna ngawrh takin neih mek zel a ni. Tukin zing lamah pawh mite an thlabarin an buai hle. He lirnghing (earthquake) hi a nat zawng 6.4 magnatude a ni. Thi tam ber hi Lombok Island khawpui Matiram ah niin, thi zingah khualzin mite an tel ni nual niin an sawi.

He lirnghing hi Singapore atang pawh a hriat theih niin an sawi a, US Geological Survey chuan lirnghing nat zawng (magnitude) hi 6.4 niin, lei chhung 10km ah a nghing a ni, a ti.

Kum 2004 khan tuipui chhung a lirnghing 9.2 magnatude a na chuan, tuifinriat fawn vel (tsunami) siamin Samutra Island, Indonesia ah mi 220,000 nunna lo la tawhin, Indian Ocean tuipui fawn vel avangin mi 168,000 an thi bawk.

Author : CT Lalrinawma

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