Rualbanlo pawngsualtu kum 20 tang dawn

Pianphunga rualbanlo hmeichhe pakhat khuaikemtua puh Hrangthanṭhuama, kum 35, Zokhawthar khua chu kum 20 chhung hrehawm taka jail tang tur leh Cheng 5000 chawi turin Champhai Special Court Judge Pu R. Vanlalena’n thiamloh a chantir.

Champhaia kan Corr.-in thu a dawn dan chuan nikum September thla tirah khan pianphunga rualbanlo hmeichhe pakhat kum 25 chu Hrangthanṭhuama hian a thuamhnaw phelhsakin a lo khuaikhem a. Hei vang hian Champhai Police Station-ah hmeichhe pawngsual thubuai ziah luh a ni a. Police-in an thubuai chhuina Court-a an thehluh hnuah Champhai Sessions Court chuan thuhretu hrang hrang te koin thubuai hi a ngaihtuah a.

Thuhretu hrang hrangte thusawi Court-in khaikhina a enfiah hnuah he hmeichhia hian khuaikhem a tawk ngei a ni, tiin thutlukna a siam ta a ni.


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