Haiti lirnghingah mi 10 thi


*Haiti lirnghingah mi 10 an thi*

Haiti ram hmar lamah Inrinni khan magnitude 5.9-a nain lir a nghing a, mi 10 an tih.

Inrinni-a lirnghing hi kum 2010-a Haiti rama magnitude 7.0-a naa lirnnghing vanga mi 200,000 chuang zet an thih hnua lir a nghin nat leh ber zinga mi a ni. Lirnghing hian in eng emaw a tichhia a, President Jovenel Moise chuan mipuite chu chiai lo turin a chah.
Sorkar thupuangtu Eddy Jackson Alexis chuan lirnghing tuarte ṭanpuitu tur disater response task force din nghal a nih thu a sawi.

Email i neih chuan Hetah hian In sign up la. I email a link lo thleng kha click la, Confirm rawh. Sum hlawhna ṭha tak a ni e.

US Geological Survey chuan lir nghin ṭanna hi Port-de-Paix khawpui aṭanga km 19 vela hla, lei hnuai km 11.7 vela thuk a ni tih a sawi. Lirnghing hi Haiti khawpui, Port-de-Prince-ah pawh an hria a ni.

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