Tuichawng bial atanga Congress ticket a thlantlin Minister hlui Dr. BD Chakma chuan nimin khan MLA atanga banna a thehlut a, vawiin Oct 17 ah BJP ah lawmluh a ni ang.

Kum 2013 MLA inthlanpui neih a MNF candidate Rashik Mohan Chakma vote 7000 chuang a hnehtu Dr.BD Chakma hi congress ministry ah Minister of State dinhmun pek niin, kum 2017, August 21 khan Dr BD Chakma hian Chief Minister hnenah minister atanga banna a thehlut a. Dr BD Chakma hian July 26, 2017-a HTE Minister-in press statement a tihchhuahah, Mizoramin MBBS quota a neihte chu ‘Zo ethnic People of Mizoram’ tan chauh dah a nih thu a tarlan thu ziakin, “Minister press statement atang hian Zo ethnic ni lote chu MBBS seat pek an ni dawn lo tih a lang chiang a ni,” a ti a, Chakma zirlai tling ngeite MBBS seat pek an ni lo tur chu a pawm theih loh thu a sawi.

NGO Co-ordination Committee chuan Dr BD Chakma hi India Constitution hnuaia a tih tur ti lo leh a tih loh tawp tur tiah puhin, July 27, 2017 khan Minister of State a nihna atanga ban tura ngenna Chief Minister hnenah an thawn a. Hemi hnu hian Political & Cabinet department-in September 5, 2017-a notification a tihchhuah angin, khatih laia Mizoram Larsap Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma chuan Minister of State atanga Dr BD Chakma banna a pawm zui a ni.

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Heti anga Minister atanga a ban hnu hian kar kalta khan Chief Minister hnenah a bial ngai Tuichawng bial a congress party ticket a a din theih tawh loh thu Dr BD Chakma hian ziakin a hriatir bawk.

Thudawn danin Dr BD Chakma hi BJP ticket in a bial ngai Tuichawngah a ding zui ang. Dr. BD Chakma hian nimin chawhma dar 11 vel khan Speaker hnenah Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) atanga banna a thehlut a, banna a thehluh hi BJP party mi thenkhatin an tawiawm a ni. Congress Party atanga banna a thehlut nghal bawk a ni.

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