BADP sum thehluh a ni

Nimin khan Secretariat Conference Hall ah State Level Screening Committee on Border Area Development Programme (BADP) chu an Chairman Pu Lalnunmawia Chuaungo hovin an thukhawm a, kum 2019-2020 chhunga BADP hnuaia hnathawhna tura sum ruahman cheng nuai 5367 chu Sawrkar Laipui pawmpui tura thlen remtih a ni.
BADP inkaihhruaina dan ah chuan BADP hnuaia project siam reng reng ramri atanga kilometre 10 huam chinah thawh tur ani tih a ni a, Ministry of Home Affairs in ruahmanna thar siamin tlemin a thlahdul hret a, India border atanga khaw hnai ber atanga chhiar a kilometre 10 huamchhungah BADP hnuaia project-te kalpui theih a ni tawh a ni.

Nimina thutkhawmah chuan BADP hnuaia Capacity building emaw, Skill Development training emaw buatsaih a nih dawn reng rengin bialtu MLA-te hrilhhriat a, anni hriatpuinaa huaihawt tur a nih thu sawilan a ni a, State Level Screening Committee-in project a approve tawh reng reng lo kaihher emaw, pawhpen emaw a nih lohna’n a tul anga tan khawh tur a nih thu BDO kalkhawmte hnenah hrilh an ni bawk.

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