Feb. 15, 2019 Vawiinah US President Donald J. Trump chuan a lo sawi tawh angin, US-Mexico ramri venhim a ngai tih vangin “National Security Emergency” a puan tur thu hi Reporters te hnenah, Rose Garden, White House atangin a sawi chiang ta (He report ziak lai hian thusawi mekin, News Conference zawhah National Security Emergency puanna turah ka hming ka ziak ang, a ti).

National Security Energency a puan chuan Congress tel lovin, US-Mexico ramri (Texas state fencing) venhimna tura hungna a kal pui chho thei dawn a ni. Mahse, Democrats hoten an dodal nasat em avangin Court ah an khing ngei tura ngaih a ni a, an tum bawk. Trump chuan, “Thil awl sam takin a kal lo vang, Federal Court ah khinna kan hmu ang, thutlukna tha lo tak beisei a ni. Mahse, a tawp berah Supreme Court in a tha zawngin a chin fel ka beisei a ni” a ti.

National Security Emergency a puan atangin hetiang hian ramri hungna tur sum US$ tluklehdingawn 8 a pawt khawm ang:

Treasury Dept atangin “Drug forfeiture fund” atangin US$ maktaduai 600, Defense Budget atangin “Drug intercliction program” atangin US$ tluklehdingawn 2.5, Military Construction Budget atangin US$ tluklehdingawn 3.5. Hengte hi President’s National Security Emergency puan atanga tihtheih a ni. Mahse, Court ah he “National Security Emergency” hi chai chhoh laih laih a nih hmel riau.

Kum 1976 a “National Security Emergency Act” siam a nih atangin, President ten vawi 59 zet chu he Dan hi an lo hmang tawh a ni. Trump hian National Security Emergency a puan felah, a Golf Resort neihna Florida state ah Weekend Holiday hmang turin White House a chhuahsan rin a ni.

President Trump hian Federal Gov’t Shutdown awm loh nana Democrats leh Republican Lawmakers ten inremna an siam “Spending Bill” chu Executive Order ah a hming a ziak hnan ta bawk. He Bill hi Senate ah votes 83-16 a passed in, House ah votes 300-128 in an passed bawk a, Republican 86 in an thlawp a ni.

CT Lalrinawma

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