BCM hruaitu thar te

April 12, 2019 khian BCM hruaitute chuan Sap Upa leh Pu Buanga Hall-ah Charge an in hlan dawn a, hruaitu tharte hian April 15 atangin an hna thar an luah nghal dawn a ni.

2019-2022 BCM Hruaitu turte
BCM Puipate:
President : Rev. Pc Liandula
President Elect : Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinthanga
General Secretary : Rev. F. Ramdinmawia
Associate General Secretary, Mission : Rev. Dr. C. Valaldika
Associate General Secretary, Service : Rev. R. Lalbiakliana

Executive Secretaries:
Executive Secretary : Aizawl Area : Rev. Dr. R. Lalthanmawia
Executive Secretary : Lawngtlai Area : Rev. R. Lalnunzira

Head of Departments:
Pastoral Coordinator : Rev. C. Chhuntluanga
Mission Coordinator : Rev. R. Lalthangliana
Director, Christian Education : Rev. ZD Rodingliana
Director, Communication : Rev. Dr. Lalzarliana
Director, Education : Rev. L. Vanlalsanga
Director, Finance Dept. : Rev. Lalramngheta Chhangte
Director, Social Concern Dept. : Rev. Sangliankhuma Chinzah
Director, Worship & Music : Rev. Lalremsiama Ralte
Principal, AICS : Rev. Dr. Vanlalchhawna Khiangte
Director, FOD : Rev. F. Ramdinmawia, GS
General Manager, BLP : Rev. R. Lalbiakliana, AGS i/c Service
Medical Superintendent : Upa Dr. Lalramzauva
Director, R&D : Pu Lalrinawma

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