Aizawl, October 4, 2019
Zirtawpni :

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) hnuaia Monetary Policy Committee member 6 awmna chuan Zirtawpni hian repo rate 25 basis point in a ti hniam. India ram sum leh pai țhanna (economy growth) tur leh thil man pung venna atan hma lakna a ni.

Monetary Policy Committee member 6 te hian repo rate tih hniam hi an duh vek a, kumin chhunga RBI in vawi 5 a tih hniamna a ni.

Tuna repo rate tih hniam ang chuan 5.15% a ni a, March 2010 hnua repo rate hniam ber a ni.

Repo rate chu Commercial bank ten Reserve Bank of India hnena sum an pukna rate hi a ni.

Commercial Bank ațanga sum kan puk dawnin a pung tlem apiang kan duh țhin. Bank te hian mipuite sum dah tling khawm sum dahtute hnena pung (interest) an pek țhin aia sangin loan an pek chhuahte ațanga sangin a pung an khawn leh țhin.

Hetiang tho hian Reserve Bank of India ațanga an sum puk pung repo rate aia sang hian loan latute hnenah a pung (interest) an chawi tir țhin.

Reserve Bank of India in repo rate a tih hniam hian Commercial bank te pawhin an loan interest an ti hniam a, chumi avang chuan mipuiten kawng chi hrang hrang atan sum an puk ang a, Industry, manufacturing unit etc tan loan lak a ngam awm sawt ang a, chu chuan ram sum leh pai țhanna te, employment te siam belh tura ngaih a ni.

Repo rate hi Central Bank (RBI) hian ram chhung sum leh pai dinhmun tihchakna turin Economy a hniam laiin a ti tla hniam țhin a, economy țhanna dik zawnga a țhan chuan zawi zawiin repo rate hi tih san a ni leh ang.

Economics Times
October 4, 2019
Updated : 3: 26 PM IST

Huna Kawlvawm

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